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Sergey Bubka

Honorary Ambassador

Olympic Champion, pole-vault, President NOC of Ukraine

Jens Steinigen

- Olympic champion, Biathlon -

I started Athletes for Ukraine because of Putin’s unjustified war on the peaceful people in Ukraine. This war must be stopped immediately.  I am especially inspired by the people of Ukraine who are defending our democracy with their lives. This war will affect our future as well as our children’s future for freedom and democracy!

Laura Dahlmeier

- Olympic Champion, Biathlon -

What happens these days in our world? How is it possible that people shoot against other people? It‘s so terrible to watch these cruel war in the Ukraine!
Let‘s stay together and send a sign of peace and love! This is our world - I wish we all could live a peaceful and respectful life together on this beautiful planet.

David Gleirscher

- Olympic Champion, Luge -


Martin Braxenthaler

- Paralympic Champion, Skiing -

I support "Athletes for Ukraine" because a common future on our planet earth is only possible through democracy and peace.

Karen König

- European Champion, Swimming -

I am with Athletes for Ukraine because I loathe violence and war.  The cowardly and unjust war against Ukraine must be stopped immediately!  I support the brave Ukrainians who are fighting for their country’s democracy, while defending our values of peace and human rights.  Together we are strong!

Tobias Schweinsteiger

- Soccer -


Anna Gandler

- Biathlon -

The war must stop now! Give peace a chance!

Alfred Eder

- Biathlon -


Yulia Yelistratova

- Triathlon -


Marion Wiesensarter

- Biathlon -

I support Athletes for Ukraine because war only brings suffering and I want to help the people affected during this time 🕊️.  We must be the change we want to see in the world.

Matthias Ahrens

- Biathlon Coach, Canada -

My Statement adapted from Imagine by John Lennon
"Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace”

Helena Ekholm

- Biathlon -

The war must stop now!


Pamela Dutkiewicz

- Hurdles -

I support Athletes for Ukraine because Putin's war in the Ukraine is an attack on humanity. So it is all the more moving to see the solidarity with the Ukraine. We all have to help - how ever each person can. For the Ukraine. For peace. 

Sebastian Lucke

- Speed Climbing -

I support Athletes for Ukraine because this war and all the suffering that comes with it needs to stop!

Martin Müller

- Freediving -

The war must stop now!

Yana Hladiychuk

- Athletics -

War is the greatest catastrophe in the world. Unfortunately, the people of my homeland know what war means. Right now, i am very proud of the people of my country. Thank you to everyone who supports the Ukraine - you are all amazing!

Ricarda Funk

- Olympic Champion, Canoeing -


Christina Surer

- Car racer -

Aljona Savchenko

- Olympic champion, figure skating -

The war must stop now!

Felix Loch

- Olympic Champion, Luge -

This unjustified war against Ukraine is crazy.  As a father myself it enormously worries me how the families are doing there. To help the people of Ukraine who lost their homes and had to leave their families behind, we founded Athletes for Ukraine to support the people of Ukraine.  Please support us to help all the people there who are doing so badly right now.

Quentin Fillon-Maillet

- Olympic Champion, Biathlon -


Verena Bentele

- Paralympic Champion, Biathlon -


Katharina Henning

- Olympic Champion, Cross Country Skiing -

It is shocking to witness a country that stands for freedom and democracy under attack.  The result of this unjust war is that families are being torn apart and bear unbelievable and unnecessary suffering. To signal a sign for peace and solidarity, I support "Athletes for Ukraine"!

Anna Berreiter

- Olympic Medalist, Luge -

Make love, not war.
I fully support Athletes for Ukraine
Stronger together! 

Björn Ferry

- Olympic Champion, Biathlon -

Stop the war!

Miriam Neureuther

- Biathlon -

This madness must end now!

Michaela Michel

- World champion K1 - Fighter -

This unjust war is only leading to human sacrifice and suffering, where there is already too much suffering in this world.  The war must stop!  Let us band together and give peace a chance.

Alexander Huber

- Mountaineering & Extreme Climbing -

This war is inhumane and unjust.  Unprovoked aggression is to be condemned in principle.

Tobias Angerer

- Olympic medalist, Cross Country Skiing -

By supporting Athletes for Ukraine, we can provide financial and humanitarian aid to support the brave people of Ukraine while helping to develop aid projects to help restore the families and children’s lives affected by this unjust war.

Thea Heim

- Running -

Together all athletes are stronger and can send a visible sign into the world.
Not against anybody, not against Russian athletes, but against war and for peace.

Moritz Geisreiter

- Speed Skating -

You can only be a real winner if you play by the rules. Stop war. Full support for Athletes for Ukraine!

Vanessa Hinz 

- World Champion, Biathlon -

Together against the war in the Ukraine. Together with Athletes for Ukraine, I am making a statement for peace. Let's move things in the right direction!

Maria Höfl-Riesch

- Olympic Champion, Alpine Skiing -

Together with Athletes for Ukraine we are taking a stance against the war and for peace! We athletes stnd for freedom, democracy and respect. Together we can bring change about!

Marcus Burghardt

- Road Cycling -

War is the opposite of what sports are: Joy, dignity, respect, trust, team spirit and thinking beyond borders, prejudice and barriers. Sports generate working together respectfully, war only knows working against one another until there is no winner left. As a human and as a professional cyclist, I would like to use my network to show the people of the Ukraine that I support them and my thoughts are with them.

Michael Rösch

- Olympic Champion, Biathlon -

Stop this war !!!!
It seams to be far but the war is only 700km away from us. We live in a place with peace and democracy, a place with freedom, with infrastructure, economy, school, healthcare, hospitals, work, grocery stores, flowing water, electricity… the Ukrainian lost all this and that’s why I want to help to get this life back for them! 

Maria Tietze

- Paralympic Athletics -

Let’s go to peace. We’re more than you think, we’re sleeping giants, but we’re getting up now.  Let them say we’re dreamers, in the end we’ll win. We won’t let this world go down, come on, let’s go to peace. (by Udo Lindenberg)

Elena Lilik

- Canoe Slalom | K1 | C1 | Kajak Cross -

Denise Herrmann

- Olympic Champion, Biathlon -

War is never the answer! For this reason, I support Athletes for Ukraine. We should show solidarity with the Ukraine. 

Me. You. Together we can make a statement against the war!

Björn Dunkerbeck

- World Champion, Windsurfing -

Peace. Stop the War.

Michael Greis

- Olympic Champion, Biathlon -


Maren Hammerschmidt

- Olympic Champion, Biathlon -

I support @athletes_for_ukraine because Putin's unjust war of aggression against Ukraine must be stopped immediately.
Let's help the people of Ukraine together and show them that they can count on us. Together we can achieve a lot, be there, and support our association.

Simon Schempp

- Olympic Medalist, Biathlon -


Dajana Eitberger

- Olympic Medalist, Luge -

Putin’s war on Ukraine has personally affected me, seeing how the people in Ukraine are suffering with families being torn apart and having lost everything.  Therefore, I support @athletes_for_ukraine to show the brave people of Ukraine, they are not alone.  Please support us so we can do good together and for a future of peace!

Thomas Wick

- Cross Country Skiing -

With athletes for ukraine we have founded an association with which we not only want to show solidarity, but above all want to give courage and confidence with various aid projects. You are strong alone, but unbeatable in a team! Join us and let us help!

Heidi Andersson

- Armwrestling -


Fritz Dopfer

- Alpine Skiing -


Ines Papert

- Climbing -

I plead 100% for peace in Ukraine, and I am very afraid for the people there. We must all stick together to spread this message Athletes for Ukraine.

Philipp Pflieger

- Athletics -

Russia‘s war against Ukraine is a disgrace and has to stop! It’s almost impossible to imagine what the people of Ukraine are having to go through right now.
We Athletes for Ukraine don’t just want to show solidarity but try to help with the support of aid projects. We welcome everyone to join our cause against the war and support the people in need. For a future of peace for all of us!

Marcel Martens

- Triathlon & ultrarunning -

Syria, Ethiopia and now Ukraine!  War is cruel and wrong, always, and everywhere. Innocent people die, the homeland is left destroyed with people living in constant fear! We must help together ‑for ONE world in peace!  I fully support “Athletes for Ukraine” as a father, police officer and athlete.

Johannes Vetter

- World Champion, Javelin Throw -

Let the doves fly, stop the war!

Karla Borger

- Beachvolleyball -


Mariia Sinai

- Athletics -

War is the greatest catastrophe in the world. Unfortunately, the people of my homeland know what war means. Right now, i am very proud of the people of my country. Thank you to everyone who supports the Ukraine - you are all amazing!

David Göttler

- Mountaineering -

Imposing war, death and destruction on others can never be the right thing. Trying to change another’s society with the use of violence and brutality cannot be accepted. Not in Ukraine, nor in any of the other multitude of countries whose people are being forced to live through a hell on Earth because of war.

Karina Oliani

- Wakeboard -

My birthday wish this year is that the whole world can leave in harmony, happiness and peace. Let’s nor waste any more life.

Nicolas Kiefer

- Tennis -