ATHLETES FOR UKRAINE e.V. (registered association) is a non-profit association.

The donations will be used in the following manner:
    •    Providing immediate aid (material and monetary donations) to Ukrainian war victims
    •    Initiating aid projects targeted towards assisting refugee children and families
    •    Demonstrating solidarity with the people in and from the Ukraine at sporting events
    •    Providing help specifically to Ukrainian athletes and finding them a new home to practice their sports 


Above all, Athletes for Ukraine ensures that the currently urgently needed relief supplies reach those who need them quickly. In the Ukraine, our member Elena Govorova, Olympic medalist in the triple jump, organizes our relief supplies locally from Kyiv. Elena informs us in detail about the things that are most needed. We procure these relief supplies - either as donations in kind or we buy them cheaply from our partners with the donations - and organize the logistics to the Ukraine. From Kyiv, Elena takes care of the onward transport and distribution of the relief supplies in the country.


The bank account for donations is:
Account Holder: Athletes for Ukraine e.V.
Bank: UniCredit Bank AG Traunstein
IBAN: DE76 7102 2182 0035 0799 39
Reference: Athletes for Ukraine

If you need a donation receipt, we will be happy to issue one if the non-profit status of the association is recognized. Please send us an e-mail with your data with the keyword "donation receipt" to:
Many thanks for your support!