It will be hard, 
but if we don’t do anything, 
it will be much harder!

Your donation.

Athletes for Ukraine e.V. (registered association) is a non-profit association. Your donation will be used for immediate aid and projects and helps Ukrainian war victims.

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Join the TEAM PEACE.

Everyone should and can take part, regardless of athletes and ambassadors, private individuals, clubs or companies. Become a member and help with small or large commitment! We are looking forward to welcoming you to our "Team Peace"!

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Your Support for


It is important to us to show solidarity with the people in and from Ukraine - at sporting events and wherever possible. We stand together and take a stand against war!

Immediate aid.

We make donations in kind and money to those affected by the war in Ukraine. We organize aid transports and bring children and women from the Ukrainian border to safety.


We want to encourage and give hope by initiating targeted aid projects for refugee children and families. Sport connects, gives strength and helps to overcome language barriers.

Ukrainian athletes.

With our large network, we have the opportunity to provide concrete help for Ukrainian athletes and we can help to give them a new sporting home in any countries.


Sports for humanity

The goal of the association is to unite all athletes worldwide to take a stand for peace and solidarity and against war. 

Jens Steinigen, 1992 Biathlon Olympic gold medalist, initiator and chair of the association: 
“I started Athletes for Ukraine because I cannot bear glaring injustice. Putin must be stopped immediately; for the Ukrainian people, who are defending our values with their lives as well. For our future and that of our children, for the future of all who want to live in freedom and democracy! Everyone can join and help, regardless of whether they are professional athletes, coaches, hobby athletes, fans or simply want to be active against the war in the Ukraine. Together we are strong!”

Sports connect

Many successful athletes from all over the world have joined the association or support the idea.

"We want to offer financial and humanitarian aid, to support aid projects working to restore families and children’s courage and confidence.“ - Tobias Angerer, a founding member of the association and four-time Olympic medalist

In addition to offering financial and humanitarian aid, the association has another specific goal: that until this war is over and the Russian troops have left the Ukraine, every sporting event worldwide contains images of some form of protest against this war in the Ukraine.

"I think if we all join together, we have a chance. It will be hard, but if we don’t do anything, it will be harder yet!“ - Wolfgang Pichler, successful Biathlon trainer about his motivation

Currently active top athletes are taking a stand against this war.  It is important for us, to give courage to the Ukrainian people and show them that we stand firmly by their side.

“Amongst ourselves, we athletes are the biggest rivals, in the luge run, we fight for a 1000th of a second and give our best every day to win. For ourselves and our counties. But not at all costs. In the last few days, all of this has slipped into the background. Ukrainian athletes are now fighting a very real war here in Europe. We must support and help them and their families from here as best we can.“ - Felix Loch, three-time luge Olympic Gold Medalist

Our Partners


We would like to thank all our partners very much for their support and look forward to every new member.
Do you want to be represented with your logo on our homepage and support us financially and/or communicatively and medially? 
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